Advanced Marine Technologies for Government 

At Technical Marine, we take into account the special needs of government clients. whether your require help for law enforcement, search and rescue, survey, or any other purpose, we will provide you with the right marine equipment and the know-how to harness the most from these innovations.

We Make the Necessary Adjustments

Our team understands that government funding is sometimes uncertain, and timing can be critical. That is why Technical Marine ensures flexibility when dealing with your needs. We can assist you with:

  • Grant Writing
  • System Design
  • Equipment Specification
  • Installation
  • Personnel Training
  • Documentation
  • Support

Whatever problem or hindrances there may be, we can provide solutions and alternative so you can finish the mission as quickly as possible.

Finally, we are aware that the marine division of some government entities is obscure or classified. You can rely on our team to work with the utmost confidentiality. We make sure that whatever we do stays within the company.

Previous Government Projects

Technical Marine has worked for projects in every level of government—from local municipalities up to federal agencies. We have installed marine electronics for vessels and watercrafts used for a variety of purposes including transportation and underwater surveying.

Licensed and Certified Personnel

We assure you that we only give the best service because our team is highly skilled in this field. Aside from being licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), our technicians are trained by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) to do the different kind of work we now provide.

Our work exceeds the US Coast Guard regulations and the International Marine Organization (IMO) requirements. In addition, our team strives to live up to the guidelines and regulations set by local and regional governments. We are also capable of meeting the standards set by NMEA and ABYC.